Challenging topography

Last week Philip Kassanis was in Devon visiting both the sites that he has been helping Park Green with on a freelance basis. The photograph is from the site in Shaldon where the first house of 10 houses (not in this photograph) has just been occupied by its purchaser.

He contributed in several spheres but mainly coordinating the development of the design with the consultants. The designs were not complete at outset and were developed hand in glove with the build process.

The main challenge was the steeply sloping terrain. Most of the site was thus shaped into terraces with a vast array of retaining walls, some of which were 2 storeys high. Many of the houses were built into the retaining walls leading to extensive tanking.

The other site in Stoke Gabriel is perhaps even more challenging in this respect. It would seem this is an inescapable feature of developing in Devon.

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