Dialogue with Penza

Kassanis+Thomas has been invited to meet the administration – including the Governor – of the Penza Region in Russia with a view to setting up a relationship to help with the region’s investment and regeneration needs. Steve Thomas (K+T chairman) was today the keynote speaker at an investment and urban regeneration conference.

The province is located close to large industrial centers. The geographical location of the region allows convenient transportation links. This facilitates using raw materials and fuel from other regions and selling the output.  It has good cooperation ties as well with the other regions.

Penza province is an important  industrial and agricultural region of Russia.

Due to favorable combination of natural conditions for farming the region is independent enough in food production. Agriculture is one of its leading sectors, producing about 1/5 of gross Russian national output.

Its industry produces 1/4 of gross output and employs c.100,000 people.

K+T is working with DWer Consulting and Considered® to  provide a comprehensive offer.

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