Manston Airport

Earlier this year the third book in the series A Detailed History of RAF Manston 1941-1945 was published: Invicta – The Undefeated.  At this stage of its story recording Manston Airport’s history is moving much faster than the mission to bring it back to life as a functioning airport. Over the last 4 years Kassanis+Thomas has been a key player helping  a consortium that hopes to achieve this.

Back in November 2013 the airport was sold to Lothian Shelf who closed it in January 2015. The owners are intent on  moving ahead with plans for a mixed housing and business park on what they have renamed as Stone Hill Park. This is inspite of huge opposition from  local people, the local and county councils, and (informally) national government. This is because Manston, with one of the longest runways in the country; its position outside London’s air traffic control; and its ability to connect into the arterial road and rail networks, is strategically positioned to become a major freight hub relieving the pressure on other London airports. All this is so important for the hard pressed local economy.

Kassanis+Thomas has provided preliminary masterplanning; advice on integrating this with the business planning and has been instrumental in brokering relationships with key players necessary to deliver the project and potential investment partners.

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