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Open Urbanism was founded by Philip Kassanis in 2012 as a not for profit company to carry out research and development in the field of urbanism. It developed two initiatives, M10 and OurPlanning™, to the point of being ready to pilot but which have now been on hold for several years. In this time the political, social and economic context has changed significantly. It is no longer appropriate to relaunch these particular initiatives but the concepts which were developed will be applied in other project and research work going forward.

In 2019 it was subsumed into Philip Kassanis Limited and its remit expanded to cover all services that Philip offers in the field of urbanism. Open Urbanism is now the trading name for business activities in this field.



The M10 initiative was an academic research programme aiming to enhance the practice of masterplanning by learning the lessons of the preceding 10 years using an improved framework.

OurPlanning™ was a suite of services that facilitate communities unite in common purpose to create a plan for their area.

Open Urbanism is currently working on two further initiatives. It part of a team on a government funded innovative venture to produce homes and places of the future at scale. The other is pursuing an innovative concept to assist with the roll out of EV charging points.

Open Urbanism would welcome the opporunity to carry out research tasks for others.


Open Urbanism specialises in masterplanning, which is a process encompassing a broad range of activities. It can therefore operate at many levels. It can lead the whole process or provide elements of whole either as stand alone exercises or as part of a wider team such as design public realm places, feasibility studies, design and access statements, stakeholder engagement and so forth.

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