Anglesey Business Park

North Wales

Philip Kassanis as associate director at Mountford Pigott

Masterplan for 25Ha of greenfield on Anglesey produced for the landowner to facilitate dialogue with local authorities and development agencies. It comprised a suite of documents including a layout and sheets explaining the rationale for the scheme. The work was completed in a two week period which included a full day’s field visit.

Access was predetermined and therefore not an issue requiring analysis but forming a constraint. However the land is steeply sloping and exposed to strong prevailing winds. The two main drivers for the layout were to optimise the orientation of buildings and plots with regards to sun, wind and slope and fitting in with the existing field structure and other landscape features. Within this the layout also tries to organise the public realm to relate to fronts of buildings avoiding confusion with car parks which are kept as far as possible as private areas behind. This is a common failing in business park layouts.

The buildings are shown generically on the layout and one of the rationale sheets explains the different possible configurations allowing for single user occupancy of a whole building or varying degrees of subdivision.