Climate change project complete

Climate change design

Philip Kassanis as director at Kassanis+Thomas

In July K+T submitted the Final Report for this project to the Technology Strategy Board. It brought together the team’s work conducted over an 18 month period.

The project has now been fully signed-off by the TSB. We are pleased that the reviewer found it…

…one of the more interesting I have read in that you have taken time and trouble to reflect on what you have done and how to make a business case that would be persuasive to major stakeholders, especially your developer.

The study investigates opportunities for improving the resilience of frame and lightweight clad buildings to climate change through adaptation measures.

lightweight frame building

It uses a mixed used scheme in South Wales as the case study because it contains a number of buildings with different uses all constructed in this way.

23 potential adaptations were explored. The impact of each was assessed and cost benefit analysis carried out generating 46 separate conclusions, which became the material for shaping the strategy. Unsurprisingly it was found that the main benefit of many of the measures lay outside the sphere of climate change. This potentially makes it easier to justify its inclusion and the cost benefit analysis framework was designed to accord these other benefits their due weight. Read more…