Local Centres

Oakley Vale, Corby 2003-4

Eureka Place, Eureka Park, Ashford 2005-7

Whiteley, Hants 2003

Generic study 2005

Philip Kassanis as associate director at Mountford Pigott

With a series of built and unbuilt projects I developed a specialism for this urban form, which comprises a range of uses that always includes retail but can typically include bars, take-aways, pubs, nursery school, professional services, residential, and health care. Parking is split between short stay and long stay, with the short stay generally in public realm in front of the buildings and the long stay in the private realm within the building plots. The challenge is to avoid the short stay parking dominating the public realm.

Whiteley was a local authority tender bid with developer, Danehill, to complete an allocated area where a community centre had already been built. Corby was a specialist development package won by our client, Quadrant Estates, in the heart of a major new residential district. I saw this through from inception to completion. The generic neighbourhood centre study was design work I did for the same developer pursuing the possibility of marketing this type of thing as a package deal to house builders. Eureka Place is another project that I saw through from inception to start on site.