Lydiard Fields


Philip Kassanis as associate director at Mountford Pigott

Cluster of offices totalling 11,800 sqm together with a health and fitness unit of 2,300 sqm.

The client’s strategy was to pre-let as much of the space as possible before closing the contract for purchase of the land. This led to two streams of work, which were my total responsibility. First was to prepare a detailed planning application based on speculative office buildings. Second was to explore a continual flow of feasibility studies for different  layouts incorporating the bespoke requirements for plots and buildings of potential tenants. For example a detailed scheme was produced for a 4,200 sqm call centre facility for the RAC.

The scheme due to be submitted for planning approval was fully costed and then subject to stringent cost engineering. The result represents a triumph for the notion that  quality can be produced by careful design even when the budget is limited.