Residential-led masterplans

South Cotswalds and Thames Gateway

Philip Kassanis freelancing for Roger Griffiths Associates
September 2010

I had the privilege of playing a significant role for my talented colleagues at Roger Griffiths Associates on two residential-led masterplans. One, at a historic market town near the south gateway to the Cotswalds, was for an immediate 200 homes possibly developing into a complete 800 home urban extension. The other, in the Thames Gateway region, was for 600 homes with some retail, commercial and community use.

My role for the South Cotswalds scheme was to research the history of the market town and provide a narrative  showing how the scheme forms a logical progression of the town’s development over the ages. It was also to provide a framework taking the constraints and opportunities through into a vision and some specific advice on residential typology. The deliverables were a set of draft slides to fit into a wider presentation with enough guidance for the in-house team to complete the graphics.

My role for the Thames Gateway scheme was to structure the design and access statement, provide the bulk of the narrative and guidance on the supporting graphics. This was achieved by first, story boarding the document to enable coordination with the in-house team, and then delivering an 80% complete Adobe InDesign document for final editing in-house. The majority of the graphics were done in-house although I contributed some original graphics myself.