Regeneration masterplan

Redcar & Cleveland

After waiting for months after the deadline for making a decision on the tender process (7th May), Kassanis+Thomas today received the disappointing and frustrating news that the council has cancelled the tender process.

K+T in association with Ian McDonald of Strategic Planning Advice Ltd had produced a comprensive tender submission to review and refresh the council’s regneration masterplan. This would have included:

  • A Review of Phase 1 of the Master Plan, including an assessment of whether the Master Plan is still fit for purpose.
  • A Position Statement of the Borough including three elements:
  1. The effect of changing macro-economic conditions, relating to both Phase 1 and the further phases.
  2. The effect of the changing public expenditure landscape, again relating to both Phase 1 and the further phases.
  3. Putting the Council’s achievements into the context of the performance of other local authorities.
  • A Refreshed Master Plan for Phases 2 (2014-18) and 3 (2019-25) with project specifications.

This would have been achieved by an examination of the documents and processes that led to the adopted Regeneration Master Plan; interviewing about 25 officers and key public and private sector partners; looking at the achievements of comparitor local authorities; building a “refreshed” regeneration masterplan based on an investment strategy; providing a framework for the council to use in evaluating candidate proposals for specific sites.

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