Topography and heritage 2

The last post featured Park Green’s site in Stoke Gabriel with a focus on the topography. This was a challenge in the first instance for the design but then an ongoing headache for the build process. If that was not enough the project is set in the heart of the historic village of Stoke Gabriel which endows it with a wealth of beatiful historic features but each requiring many dimensions of extra specialist care and attention.

Two of the new dwellings are created by converting the former Gabriel Court hotel which itself was only the last configuration of a house built in 1477 by the Churchward family and remaining with the family until 1924. A third dwelling is created from a cottage which was part of a 19th century stable block.

All these structures require extensive rebuilding, the scope of which can only be determined as the building is stripped down.

For instance at the outset there was a desire to retain and repair the roof structure of the former hotel. However when exposed it became evident that it had already been chopped and changed many time over the years and it would require much complicated remedial work and rot treatment – which at each turn would have to be justified by the structural engineer. Even then it would struggle to meet the standard required for a sound home. Thus it now has a new roof built to the original shape but ironing out the geometrical anomalies, which can be seen taking place in the main photograph.

The streetscape of Stoke Gabriel is characterised by stone walling and this site has this feature in abundance see below. Some of these require rebuilding, others repairing and some are built into new structures – none of this is straightforward.

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