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architecture with interior design

architecture with urban design

Philip Kassanis Studio is the new trading name, replacing Philip Kassanis Architect & Urban Designer. This is to reflect Philip's developing collaboration with Lei Wang (MadeCube Ltd) who is now a consultant to the firm. 

This exciting development means that we now provide interior design services to compliment architecture and urban design. In particular an integrated architecture with interior design "one-stop-shop". 

Philip founded the firm in 2010. In its early years much of the focus was on supporting Kassanis+Thomas (read more) and Open Urbanism (read more), a period which also included some university teaching.

All  the experience from this time and the opportunities are now completely subsumed into Philip Kassanis Studio.

Philip Kassanis

Philip Kassanis

Philip has extensive experience in providing full architecture, urban design, and master-planning services within different sectors. His holistic approach is to find solutions which speak to all dimensions of a client's needs and aspirations... design, budget, logistics, changing circumstances and so forth.

This is coupled with proven ability to translate solutions into deliverable plans.

He has developed a reputation for building strong rapport with clients based on raising service standards in the delivery of projects.

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Lei Wang

Lei Wang

Lei is a landscape architect and interior designer, with over 15 years’ experience across a wide range of projects. She works with complex client organizations on several large-scale projects, masterplans, retails and residential developments globally including the Stonehenge Visitor centre, Apple stores in China.

Lei’s specialty is to combine the classical period details with the fresh, modern materials and a bold colour palette to create a timeless feel.


Philip provides excellent guidance and support. He works in an extremely professional and consultative way. His very patient, precise and conscientious approach is reflected in his work. Philip is approachable and knowledgeable and has a reassuring calmness about him when discussing issues.

Clare, Twickenham

I found you an absolute pleasure to deal with and everything you did was with utmost care and detailed attention, the only reason we are not progressing is still ongoing uncertainty with Crossrail and we are still trying to piece together the different property elements. But the work you did enabled us to get our property strategy in place, thank you.

Michael, North London

Thank you very much for your contribution to the discussion yesterday morning and for circulating the words and pictures.

Sometimes, when working on a project it is too easy get too close to the details and miss the wood for the trees. Your thoughts this brought us right back on track and I am sure will the subject of much discussion with my colleagues.

I have always kept in my mind your very early contribution where you set the challenge of defining a futureproof site, we are a little nearer to responding to this challenge but not but not there yet! Thanks once again

John, Kent