services for homes & places

a range of services for architecture, interior design and urban design

General range of services

  • all RIBA workstages
  • interior design
  • feasibility studies
  • masterplanning
  • placemaking
  • public consultations/ exhibitions
  • stakeholder engagement
  • design & access statements
  • design management/ coordination
  • bespoke support to developers and builders
  • research
  • teaching

Services for home owners

  • advising on viability
  • advising on property strategy
  • concept designs &
  • options for adaptations or new build
  • interior design
  • planning applications
  • building regulations
  • schedules of work
  • assistance on project costing
  • assistance on builder selection
  • advising on consultation responses to planning applications on adjoining property
  • energy retrofit options

Thinking about how to proceed with your project?

  • How much will it cost?
  • How do I select the right architect and professional team?
  • How do I avoid the pitfalls?

Right now, you are probably in the Research Phase. This is where you are gathering information and playing around with ideas. At the point you want to get serious, you will want to check the feasibility of your ideas and understand what the project constraints are.

We have produced a free Project Planning Pack which can help you navigate the next steps.

Another resource which you may find helpful is this short video produced for us by our consultants. It emphasises the need for "diagnosis" before "prescription".