Russian Far East

Another of the interesting projects that we are developing at Kassanis+Thomas is masterplanning for a mixed use site near Vladivostok. The plot is 15 Ha and our feasibility masterplan shows 30,000 sqm comprising hotel, casino, entertainment complex, aquapark, ski-run and other leisure facilities.It has been an opportunity to create a solution that deals with the challenge of sensitively inserting a very large cluster of development on steeply sloping forested land of considerable natural beauty, while integrating the 15 Ha plot with another adjacent development that the client had already started on site prior to our engagement. Bearing in mind that the area is snow bound from November to April the scheme provides a covered mall linking all the facilities in a linear chain of minimum width following a contour. Access and servicing is upslope behind the buildings and the mall is on the other side with one side facing downslope exploiting the natural amenity. For more information follow this link.