Sheremetyvo Logistics Terminal


Philip Kassanis as associate director at Mountford Pigott

Masterplan for 125 Ha distribution park with a second phase of 90 Ha very close to one of Moscow’s two international airports – Sheremetyvo. This was the second attempt by the investment developer client to produce the first western quality logistics park of any size in Moscow. It reached the stage of discussing detailed building and site layout plans of the first plot with an  Kuehne & Nagel before the project collapsed through investor political infighting.

I led the same team of international status consultants from the first project to produce a masterplan that overcame the challenges of close proximity to settlements and cemetry; results of Kaolin mining at the east end of the site together with some subsequent landfill; sustainable land drainage; and the logistics of snow storage/ disposal.

The team was in the process of setting up detail working arrangements and division of responsibilities with local executive architects which included showing the Russian team round Gazeley’s Magna Park as a good practice model.