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Market forces demand an answer to the question: by how much can I reduce my energy costs and what will be my capital outlay

Douglas Steidl AIA President : “…. At a sustainability roundtable led by the AIA Center for Communities by Design this spring, owners and developers sat in the AIA Board Room to tell those gathered that the cost to meet significant standards in the “greening of buildings” was minimal: 2 percent or less increase in capital investment. But the returns are significant: an 8 percent increase in rental rates. Would you pass up such an opportunity? And this didn’t even include the savings from reduced energy use over the lifetime of the building. The new data make it clear: Sustainability equals profit……….Soon owners will be asking, “Why isn’t my architect showing me how to increase my profits?” And the next sentence will be, “I need to change architects. I need someone looking out for my profitability through designs compatible with ecology.”

This extract from the presentation gets to the heart of the commercial side of this.

To have a look at the presentation follow this link…..

Sustainability Now presentation

Prof  Sarah Sayce at Kingston University is doing interesting work in this field.

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